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Water Delivery In Northern BC

NSS offers potable water services for industrial as well as residential use in the Terrace, Kitimat, as well as Prince Rupert area. When you need large quantities of water, whether for drinking or for construction or industrial purposes, rely on our experts. Our tanker trucks can quickly provide water in quantities sufficient to fill a swimming pool, hot tub, gardening tank, landscaping pond, or any other container.

We provide non-potable water trucks for construction sites, dust control and compaction, road building purposes, and other needs. When you need water delivery in Northern BC, NSS is the team to call. NSS is a NHA (Northern Health Authority) certificate supplier of potable water in the Northwest Region. Our head office is located in Terrace, BC. We also have units that service surrounding areas, including Prince Rupert, Kitimat and other North Coast communities.

A Trusted Name

NSS is grateful for the trust that you have bestowed in us for the past years. Our team thoroughly discusses how we can meet all of your water delivery needs. We can offer a free, no-obligation estimate for how much our service is likely to cost.

Potable Water Services In BC

Get prompt, quick, and reliable potable water services for industrial and residential use in BC.


Prompt Services

“Norco responded very quickly to us after a weekend yard party in Kitimat. I recommend Norco because they are fast and prepared for situations that most people DON'T want to handle by themselves!”


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